Why have investment plans for the stock market

A stock market investment plan is a means for you to follow a certain arrangement or procedure, it is a method of action that will aid you to ensure a successful investment in the stock market. With a concrete definite plan of action, directed toward a predetermined goal, the most difficult aspect of successful investing in the stock market is already accomplished. The proven stock market investment plan has already done the work for you, and the predetermined goals that you set for yourself will give you the desired power too fulfill them. Don’t underestimate yourself and the power within you to accomplish what you set out to do. Set your stock market investment goals high, and steadily
aim for them. Make up your mind you are going to fulfill them and get excited about them, and your goals will become a reality! (And sometimes, it only takes someone to tell you what you
already know you can do!)

For me, (and, for any of you that have read and are acting on my book) successful investing in the stock market means only one thing! Money! I want money from all my stock market investments, and I want money sent to me every week of the year, for the rest
of my life. It’s a simple plan, but I’m a simple man. Nothing tricky here! If a company wants my investment dollars, they must pay me for them in the form of dividends every quarter. And if
they want me to continue investing in their company, they will have to increase their dividend to me every year. I will have faith in their company as long as they continue rewarding my faith with more money! It’s an arrangement that’s non-negotiable.

Not only do the companies have to raise their dividend year after year, they have to show price appreciation in the market place on a historical basis. An investment plan should be geared toward
receiving both ever-increasing dividends, as well as stock
appreciation. After allPsychology Articles, isn’t that what investing in the stock
market should be all about?

“A good book contains more real wealth than a good bank.”
–Roy L. Smith

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