Types of Properties Foreigners Can Purchase in Malaysia

Whichever type of property you choose, it is always best to know what you are getting yourself into and it is always wise to check the neighbourhood (and neighbours) carefully.

Apartments / Condominiums

📝 Basic facilities like swimming pool and guarded.

📝 Common areas such as walkways, recreational facilities.

📝 Subject to rules and regulations of the condominiums.

Semi-Detached Houses

📝 Two houses built side by side, and connected on one side of the house.

📝 Front, rear and any one side open space.

📝 Generous gardens and back yards


📝 One, two or three-storey styles.

📝 Standalone building.

📝 Detached house.

📝 Design and build your own house if you purchase a ready bungalow lot from a bungalow development scheme.

Terrace Houses

📝 Connected one to another in a row.

📝 Each row may consists of 10 to 12 units.


📝 Row of terraced houses but with one major difference. The ground floor is usually, or has been, a space where a shop is operated.

Orchard House

📝 Normally come with a land plot size of not less than an acre.

Source: iProperty

Nowadays, even foreigners can buy house in Malaysia, it is better to know each others. Know who are our neighbours.

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