Tips for Interior Design

You need to prime your walls so provides it a base coat. You will have to tape off any areas that you simply don’t need painted. Make certain to hide up the ground and furnishings well too.


Home painting your walls solid colours are now a thing of the past. The arena home decoration now is filled with techniques that allow you a faux finish for your wall. These finishes can be anything from a marble look to the appearance of having scenery. But if you don’t want to try anything too complex for your first time, then you can try out the simple technique of combing instead. Don’t worry about how to paint a room with faux wall painting when you don’t have experience with it. You just need to practise the method on a small part of the wall or a cardboard before you try it on the walls. Once you’re certain your technique is good enough for you to start your painting, get your supplies ready.


Apply a layer of the top paint on the wall. Don’t paint a large area; the paint is likely to dry too easily. Paint a small area instead and then use a comb to drag through the paint. What you’ll get is a thin stripe on the paint. But it’ll only be noticeable if you use contrasting paints. Make sure the comb is sturdy and doesn’t bend too much, or you’ll have uneven lines. Occasionally, you’ll have to clean of the comb’s tip so that the accumulated paint is removed. If you feel the paint is drying too quickly, add a bit of glaze so that it stays wet for a while longer. But it’s always better to work on small areas and cover the whole wall bit by bit. If you think straight lines are too boring, then you could make patterns out of it. Just curve your comb, or use a sharp zigzag motion to give your decoration some more character.


While this is simpler than many other interior design ideas, one thing you need to keep in mind with this technique is that you need a steady hand for the job. You also need to make sure that you use a good paint for such a technique. While you don’t need it from a branded paint company, make sure that it is at least a passable one.

Source: Artipot

So once you are thinking of home decorating, plow ahead and take a look at hair care your walls!


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