The Secrets of Being a Successful Investor

Trying to be an investor isn’t easy job where you just ought to put some of money in companies and stocks and expect it to come back to you in bundles cash. The fact is, investing is more complicated like your girlfriend. It takes a lot of time to really get in to its flow, you’ve got to give it more time and you need to understand how things work before investing. Big dogs like Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Peter lynch and John Templeton have overcome this and rise to the top. They use same methodologies in improving their investments, but the strategies they use vary from specific points. Following these methodologies will help you create your way to the top and improve your investment returns. and some methodologies are listed below:

Understanding the area wherever you want to invest in. spending time to learn as much as possible will prevent you from investment on something that have a high risks. By understanding how the company makes money, how it plans to grow and what are the possible threats that may assist you evaluate against other opportunities.

Consistent evaluation of individual stocks is required. Evaluating is beneficial because it allows you to compare and contrast each stock and be able to decide what would be the ideal situation for you.


Keep track of your decisions. Reviewing these decisions will help you correct your mistakes and plan for a lot of appropriate action to take in this business.

Leave your emotion once making a decision. Emotions greatly affect our judgement, and this can result to bad investment decision and can cripple your investments. Ups and downs in the market can very make your emotion spin like hell, so anticipating the events can prepare you deal with these emotions.


And always spend time doing research. Committing yourself in doing research on your investments prevent you from investing in a plunging stock.

How to be a successful investor depends on a person if he/she is able to adapt with the ever changing business market. but following these methodologies can be of great help if you’re just starting out.

Source: ezinearticles