The Advance 9 Checklists Before Buying Your First Investment Property In Malaysia

There is been encouraged the Malaysian especially Gen Ys to get involved in property investment field, as they have a natural gift – Time. Believe that you’ve had heard about many property experts saying that the younger you start, the more profits you earn from your investment property(s). This is truth!

Just imagine that if you buying a property in Malaysia worth RM 500k in your 20s, with property appreciation, let say this property has increase a 40% in value after 20 years, you already earned a profit up to RM 200k when you’re 40. Compared to those who started late, and they can only earn this amount when they’re 50 or 60.

While, if you have some savings in your bank account (sufficient to be your capital to buy property), and you’re consider buying your very first investment property. Here are the advance 9 checklists before buying your first investment property in Malaysia.

Source: WMA Property