Staples of Asian Home Decor

Asian home decor is very popular and not hard to achieve if you have some imagination and are ready to invest in a few essential accessories. What you should remember is that Asian home decor is all about subtlety and smart distribution of things inside the house. Either it is based on feng shui, minimalism, or tropical patterns – the goal is to evoke an Asian look. In fact, even just a few simple accessories can create Asian feel and make your home look exotic.


Red and Gold, Not Gaudy

Chinese influence made red a very popular Asian furniture and accessory color. You can safely use red furniture for your Asian home decor. Real antique Chinese furniture does not generally have Chinese words or gaudy flowers painted on it. Avoid cheap and poorly stylized pieces of furniture – they will fail to create an authentic look, simply because Asian home decor is all about good taste.

While carving and gilt are staples of Asian home decor, they don’t look gaudy, but rather subtle and rich. Throughout Asia, adding a little gilt detail to furniture is common and tasteful. There is also a symbolism to the carving for people who know how to read it. Experts can tell where and why a piece was created just by looking at the kinds of patterns carved into the wood.


Fine Fabrics

Asia was already home to a thriving silk industry thousands of years ago. While silk is still a luxury, it is also typical of fine Asian home decor. This does not mean your whole couch must be upholstered in silk, but it does mean some throw pillows or a footstool covered in silk should be part of the look. There are really plenty of choices, and you just need to be creative. You could hang a picture of a woman wearing a kimono, or you could even hang a real kimono. The latter is definitely more interesting.

Batik or hand-woven textiles of Southeast Asia are good option to help create Asian home decor. In Indonesia and Malaysia, intricate batiks are used in traditional clothing for everyone from peasants to sultans. The best are hand-made in a restrained, geometric style. Some communities still weave on handlooms and create symmetric masterpieces with just a few colors of silk or cotton thread. Simply hanging one of the fabrics on the wall is a beautiful and authentic touch for your Asian home decor.


Flowers to Complete the Look

Normally, Asian home decor doesn’t use flowery fabrics, but fresh flowers are a definitely a must in the home. Of course, in Western countries fresh stems of orchid and lotus are a luxury and might not be available at all unlike in tropical Asia. Yet, a few high-quality silk flowers, pictures or paintings of flowers can complete the look of your Asian home decor.

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