Short-Term Investing Strategies

There are many different financial strategies for investing that offer long-term and short-term returns. If you are looking for the short term returns, you can choose from several investment options. Most of these options however come with high risk.

Investing short-term usually means for a period of one or two years. It can also be for a few months depending on how long that you wish to leave or take your money in the market. If you do not want to take the risk with your hard-earned money, you can open a savings account to save it. Though the interest earned is less, but you can withdraw the money whenever you want to. Though long-term investment is the best way to ensure a good returns, there are several strategies by which you can earn short term gains.

  • Stocks and mutual funds – Many investors already enjoyed good returns on short-term stocks and mutual fund investments. Seasoned investors will teach you how to investing in stocks that which will give you high return but come with considerable amount of risk. A stock that is rated high can suddenly fall in price due to various factors. It is important to conduct a thorough market research and choose companies that are stable. Stocks and shares are issued by some of the top-notch companies and it is safe to go for them. You can also indulge in day-trading on penny stocks that are available for less than a dollar. The returns will be small but over a period of time, you can make considerable gains.


  • Investing in commodities – You can purchase commodities such as silver and gold and be assured of good returns. Price of precious metals is always on the rise and this is one of the smart investment strategies that provide safety for your investment and assured short-term and long-term returns. Even during recession, when prices of stocks and shares fall, gold prices remain stable.


  • Forex Trading – Smart investors will take advantage of the foreign exchange trading platform to get returns on short-term investment. Forex trading has the potential to generate considerable profits provided you know how to go about it in the right manner. Forex trading is nothing but purchasing currencies when they are low in value and selling them when the price increases for a profit. As this is a high risk option, so it is important to train yourself and employ the right strategies to be assured of profits.


Finally, these are a few short-term investing strategies that will give you considerable monetary gains. Investing is the smartest way to earn money but it does take time.


Source : ezinearticles