Real Estate Investment in Asia

Real estate in Asia is considered a potentially sound investment. In recent years, real estate in Asia has undergone a vigorous revival driven by strong demographics, economic growth and infrastructure themes across the nations.

On recognizing the potentials and opportunities that many of the Asian countries render, scores of international companies and local corporations have now started to enter the Asian property market. This in turn has led to a soaring demand for both commercial and residential property in Asia, thereby boosting the real estate prices. Further, the continent is home to a substantial number of incredible tourist destinations, which in turn has spurred the growth of hotel and resort industry. Residential property also serves as an excellent long term investment in Asia, yielding handsome profit.

The real estate in Asia provides huge scale of choices for investors. In other words, let it be in sectors like retail, residential, industrial, or hospitality sector, a continuum of opportunistic options are available for investing in Asia. For instance, developed economies like Japan and South Korea offer excellent leasing strategies.

For investors seeking huge returns, dynamic as well as emerging destinations such as India and China are the best. Likewise, core plus investments opportunities are available in such hi-fi Asian cities as Tokyo and Hong Kong, each of which are hot markets for office set ups and big buildings. Further, for those interested in hotel business, Asian destinations including Thailand provides superb options.

There are also excellent opportunities available in South East Asian nations, such as, Singapore and Malaysia, boasting of a matured economic structure and high income level. Nowadays, many investors are attracted to the potentials obtainable in Vietnam, particularly with its entry into the World Trade Organization. In addition, majority of the matured economies such as Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand offer great opportunities for real estate investments.

However, the laws governing the sale and purchase of property in Asia vary from nations to nations. For example, in order to administer the real estate in China, the government has imposed several guidelines, including the Law of Land Administration of the People’s Republic of China and the Regulations 1990 on Development and Management of Tracts of Land by Foreign Investors.

In Hong Kong, property buying processes are governed by the Conveyancing and Ordinance, modeled in the form of English Law. Likewise, some nations impose certain restrictions on foreigners for investing in Asian market. In order to invest in a property in Malaysia, its law entails foreign investors to get approval from the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) of the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, in order to invest in a property here. Similarly, foreigners cannot purchase property outright in Philippines. Furthermore, in Philippines, foreigners can own only building and not the land.

One of the greatest advantages of investing in Asian real estate is that it allows investors to participate in broad based growth of property throughout the region. Liberal tax law systems, low interest rates, and easy availing of mortgage finance are the other key benefits of investing in Asian market. However, the success of investing in a property in Asia are affected by certain factors including investor poise, profit margins on development projects, economic qualms, rental yields, and operating cost.

A plethora of real estate agencies and firms are now in the scenario to make you available your dream property in Asia, no matter it is villa, apartments, single homes, or commercial or industrial spaces. Many of them offer superb services in connection with the buying and selling of real estate. Some even come with an exclusive section to cater to the requirements of foreign investors. Apart from these, there are real estate agencies as well as realtors working in association with leading law firms. This in turn enables you to get excellent services of a proficient attorney.

However, prior to contracting a realtor in Asia, it is important to undertake a research on the reputation and the quality of the service it renders. There are some firms incurring huge charges in the form of hidden expenses. Hence, it must be checked for. Since many of the firms have their own websites, this allows for a convenient as well as easy search of most suitable realtor. Newspapers, reviews, online directories, and references are the other prime sources in order to find the most suitable firm that go with your needs.


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