Is Property Investment a Good Idea?

Property is a popular long term investment for many individuals with a little extra money to splash around. However, the matter of whether it is a good idea or not is one that is up for debate because there are numerous hidden costs and considerations that need to be taken into account before the decision is made.

Property is a relatively sound investment, provided that purchasing and administration is managed in the correct manner. The stability of the property market is not as dependent on the strength of the economy as many other investments. While, for example, individuals may lose their life savings overnight on the stock market, this is unlikely if one’s savings are tied up in property. Indeed, the popularity of property investment is largely due to downturns in the global stock market which have forced people to seek alternative investment opportunities.

However, property investment is not, as many people mistakenly think, an opportunity to make a quick buck. While this is occasionally possible if the market is fluctuating at exactly the right moment, purchasing a property usually needs to be a long term commitment in order to get a good return on investment. For those not prepared to hang onto their properties, investment in this area is perhaps not such a great idea. For those who are, property investment is a good idea, provided that it is gone about in the right way.


Sensible Property Investment

While property investment can be incredibly rewarding, there are a number of factors that property investors have to keep in mind to stay afloat. Firstly, it is important to draw up a comprehensive budget that takes all your costs into account. The purpose of this is to make allowances for the nasty surprise payments that are often associated with purchasing property. This will also allow you to better decide what you can afford. It is also important that buyers do not make assumptions regarding their purchase and seek professional assistance should they be in any doubt.

Because investors are going to own their properties in the medium to long term, it is important that they pay for themselves to some degree. In order to ensure that this is possible, potential owners need to have a clear idea about the purpose of the property before they sign on the dotted line.

There are four ways that an investment property can be used to generate a regular income:

Buying and Reselling: This involves buying a plot or home for a small amount of money, developing or renovating it at minimal cost and then reselling it with the intention of making a profit.

B&B or Guesthouse Development: Turning a property into a business of some sort is another way to generate income from it. Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts are popular options. This however, requires both time and further financial input from the investor.

Holiday Letting: Properties in desirable areas can be bought for the sole purpose of holiday letting. In this scenario, property is leased for a large daily or weekly rate to holiday makers who are seeking short term leases.

Long Term Leasing: With a long term lease, letting rates are lower, but the income is guaranteed, and it is easy to screen tenants.

Starting small is also important. While it may be tempting to invest everything you own in an enormous development, it is necessary to learn the tools of the trade before plunging in head first. This will ensure that if anything were to go wrong, the loss to the investor would not be that great. By starting small, investors can begin to understand the ins and outs of managing property and get better at it before risking more. In this game, experience counts for a lot.

Investing in property is no walk in the park. From the outset, it is a challenge to choose the right property, and manage it in a successful manner. It can however, be an incredibly rewarding experience, with numerous benefits attached. In addition to providing a relatively stable place to stash your money, property investment can be highly profitable if it is gone about in a clever way. For those prepared to make the commitment to a long term investment, buying a property is definitely a good idea.

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