Investments Strategies During a Bull Market

The basic premise of any investment is that you should aim to buy low and sell high, which makes investing during a bull market much less appealing than investing in the market when prices are lower. After all, if you buy when prices are riding, you’re going to make less when you sell on.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should just ignore investment opportunities altogether during one of these periods. In fact, there are a number of strategies that you can use to protect your existing investments while also taking advantage of the changing market conditions.


A bull market indicates that everything is going right with that particular sector, which means there will not be a better time to sell than at that moment. If you have a number of properties on your portfolio that you are struggling to get rid of because you aren’t receiving the sorts of offers that you would like, this is the time to really push them as the chances of getting a bid close to what you are looking for is much higher.

Furthermore, you are going to find that most properties you own sell at a higher price during this period. However, some careful balancing is required. If you get rid of as much as you can as soon as the bull market starts, you may end up losing out because you sold before it peaked. Keep track of how the market is going and try to make any sales you want to make right around the point that the market is at its zenith.


If you work in property development, there is never a better time to work on creating more property than during a bull market. As an investor, you should aim to fund development if you are able to, as the long term gains reaped from it can go a long way to securing further investments in the future.

During this period there should be a wellspring of opportunity for you to invest in various property development deals. Don’t get caught up in the euphoria that typically surrounds a bull market. Instead, make sure you put your thinking cap on and consider what this particular investment could aid to your portfolio, what risks you will be taking if you decide to invest and how it is going to benefit you in both the short and long term. If the answers to all of those questions are satisfactory, then you should consider investing.

Keep Trying to Reduce Expenses

When things are going well with the property market, it is very easy to get caught up in it all and forget that you still need to work on your investments and keep costs down as far as possible.

You’ll be pulling in more money during a bull market, but you will probably end up spending more as well if you aren’t careful. Consider ways that you can keep costs down so that you can make the most of the market while still being ready for the inevitable downturn.

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