How to Buy Very Cheap Property – It’s Easier Than You Think

If you are like plenty people out there, during this current economic climate, any property you purchase goes to own be a awfully low-cost property– whether or not you are an capitalist, or simply a wiser than average home buyer wanting to seek out the simplest way to induce a deal. nice news! At the current time, the bottom property abounds– and if we’re lucky, can for a minute longer, till we discover what we’re wanting for!

Investors and personal homebuyers alike can benefit in this economy from foreclosures. When you hear the word “foreclosure,” you probably immediately associate it with “mortgage foreclosure;” people who default on their mortgage payments and eventually lose their home to the bank. With the recent sub-prime mortgage crisis, and people borrowing more than their homes were worth, you’re not likely to find very cheap property that way. People with mortgages just don’t generally have a lot of equity right now.


Luckily for you, there are also thousands of homes being foreclosed on for overdue tax payments– and that’s where you can really cash in.



Almost all properties that end up at tax sale are free from a mortgage! Mortgage companies take care of tax issues in order to keep from losing their interest in the mortgaged property. So if a property still had a mortgage, it would never end up at tax sale in the first place! This is where you can get very cheap property, and lots of equity.

The way the government handles these properties is by selling them at monthly or yearly tax sales– sometimes for the deed to the property, and sometimes for a lien on the property, which affords the lien holder the right to foreclose at a future date. Your best bet is to stay away from these sales. There’s too much competition, and you can make a lot more money investing an alternate way– by buying directly from the tax delinquent owners themselves.

Sound easy? It is. The funny thing about it is, almost no one invests this way. You’ll find you’re often the first and only one who’s contacted these owners. The strategy is often overlooked by typical investors, because often, they are failed mortgage foreclosure investors. Mortgage foreclosure investing is a major headache. New investors are likely to get chewed up and spit out within a few deals, and even seasoned investors are looking for new ways to invest. There are just too many problems to deal with to make them worth the while.

The secret here is that tax foreclosure investing is almost nothing like mortgage foreclosure investing. As stated earlier, there’s almost never a mortgage, leaving you only to deal with the back taxes and liens– and mortgage free homes are often lien-free homes. And unlike mortgage foreclosure owners– who are often bitter and down on their luck due to their situation– tax sale owners are often absentee owners or landlords who are just plain tired of the burden of ownership. We’re talking heirs who unwittingly inherited a far away property, owners with multiple properties, former investors who can’t find tenants– that sort of thing.

These prospects are a gold mine. More often than not, by the time it gets close to tax sale, they are glad to hand over their deeds for a token amount, just to get it over and done with and out of their hair. All the better if you’re just someone who’s looking for a property for their family to live in– then the tax delinquent owner gets to feel great about providing you with a very cheap property for you to actually use.

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It’s a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

This little-known methodology of finance in tax legal proceeding properties is thought as “deed grabbing” among the tiny range of assets investors that follow it. it isn’t tough to try to to, and better of all, thanks to this economic climate, there square measure additional tax foreclosures than ever before, and can probably still be for a few time.

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