Golden Rules For A Profitable Property Investment In Malaysia

Property investment is becoming increasingly popular, especially in today’s market. Although there are quite lot of news saying that most of the people can’t afford a home due to inflation and salary not raised, but there are still have a lot of opportunities out there waiting for investors to dig out.

Property is definitely the safest investment compared to others like stock, business and etc. But still have some risks exist in this field. There are no secret rules or special tricks to apply in having a good and profitable property investment in Malaysia; it is mostly a matter of using a lot of “common sense” and several basic golden rules.

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➊ Understanding the current and future market movement

In order to maximize the ROI (Return of Investment) for your property, you’ll need to study the property market movement of now and future. You don’t need to come out a 100% confirmation of what will happen in this area after 5 years, you just need to learn how to predict the possible risks and spot the potential property market. Since, no one can know what will happen tomorrow.

Before invest in any area, study its property market movement and you will get to know if there is high-rise property are in demand in continuous months or if there is an oversupply of homes in the market. Understand the market movement will determine if it is the ideal market for your investment portfolio.

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➋ Perception and reality

Buying a property is one of the biggest and most important decision that a person can make in his/ her life. Hence, this decision should not be made hasty and rash and must accord with your investment portfolio and of course, your budget. While searching for the property to invest in, here are a few things that you should look out for.

➣ Location
➣ Neighborhood
➣ Market demand
➣ Compare the asking price and actual market price

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➌ Find out what drive the demand

Demand is main factors which directly affect the value and marketability of your property. But, what drive the demand? For example, upcoming projects like MRT, future development within neighborhood, large retail restaurant/ shops coming into the area, e.g. MC Donald’s, Starbucks and etc. These can influence the demand of the property in the area, and hence the property value will be increased.

Real case study in Penang – Karpal Singh road. As penangites, we all know that this place used to be an empty place with less retail shop and people to visit. But, after MCDonald’s coming in, and Starbucks later, this place has become one of the famous place in Penang, the flow of people has increased obviously, and thus the property value is increasing.

Last but not least, these factors won’t just affect the immediate value of the property, but over the years, they can also determine the growth in the value of your property.

Source: WMA Property