How Much Does It Cost To Move?

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Move to new house for the first time are daunting and exhausting experience. Due to lack of experiences, you may face few problems as below:

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1. Transportation & Related Labour

To move furniture and all other belongings in the home, you will need to hire movers which typically include a lorry, a driver and manpower. The cost will depend on a number of factors, such as:

– The distance between your current place and the one you will be moving into
– Type of building e.g. landed or high-rise, with or without lift service
– Size of lorry – standard sizes are  1, 3 and 5-tonne (1 tonne = 1,000 kg)
– Number of movers required for manpower
– Disposal charges – subject to the number, size and weight of items to be disposed 

Depending on the factors above, your transportation charges may range anywhere between RM150 and RM1,000 (add RM50 to RM150 for disposal charges, if any).  

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2) Packing Materials

Keeping your belongings free from damage will require you to pack them properly. However, bubble and shrink wrap which protects against breakage and scratches can be an expensive purchase if you need a lot of it.  Thus, limit use to items that require extra care when packing. A cheaper alternative would be to simply use newspaper (and lots of it) to wrap fragile items. You can also use heavy-duty garbage bags for non-breakable and pliable items (clothes, sheets and pillows) as it will fit easier into either a lorry or your car.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring the service of a professional packer to assist you with packing duties. Fees range between RM800 and RM2, 500, transporting included.

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3. Cleaning Costs for Your New Place

A sub-sale home will require cleaning, but depending on the condition, you might be able to hack it yourself.  However, moving into a newly developed home will require proper sanitisation as construction dust might be too much for you to DIY.

Hiring a cleaner to help with the process is the simplest solution, but what will it cost you?

On average, one cleaner working for 4 hours will figure approximately RM60; if the house is relatively clean, just 4 hours may suffice. For homes larger than 1,600 sf, you may require up to 8 hours depending on the level of cleaning needed. 

After moving in, a cleaner can once again help you put things in order or wipe down your furniture; and even assist with minor unpacking. This would put total cleaning costs at RM60 to RM180.

In addition to hiring cleaners, you will need to buy your own cleaning supplies (unless otherwise stated) and this includes, but is not limited to:

– Cleansers
– Heavy-duty garbage bags 
– Basic cleaning tools like brooms and brushes.

The total expense for these items will average around RM50 to RM100.


4. Removal and Reinstallation Charges

Air conditioners, water heaters, wall-mounted lamps and other fittings will require reinstallation at your new place.  But as you might have suspected, more costs are involved to remove them from existing spots, and then to be reinstalled.

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In general, several change is really needed for your new home, try sell your used goods online and tap the proceeds to help with your new furniture purchase.

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