Choosing the Right Picture Frames – Vintage, Classy or Contemporary

Are you decorating your home?

Have you thought of what you would like to change in your home decor that will add to its appeal? A beautifully framed picture can add a lot of charm to your home and enrich its appearance. Picture framing ideas are quite popular and you will find a varied range to suit both your decor ideas and budget.

When it comes to choosing the right picture frames, you could look at vintage framing ideas or contemporary ones that are more slick and stylish. Here’s what you will find when you get in touch with a picture framing Melbourne company.


Vintage design picture framing

Vintage picture frames are in great demand because they carry an elegant charm of the era gone by. A few centuries ago, the rich and the beautiful got their portraits done by eminent artists and then picture framed them for posterity. The vintage design picture framing techniques are known for their sturdiness, heavy embellishments, ornate designs and more importantly, grand sizes. You can easily find a variety of options from picture framing Melbourne experts.

If you plan to get a family portrait picture framed, vintage picture framing ideas are highly recommended. A family portrait or photo is usually displayed on a central wall or in a place where it commands most attention. You can match the framing with the decor of the room using contrast or similar colours for greater aesthetic appeal.


Classy or modern picture framing ideas

If you like straight lines, minimum carving, embellishments, sober colours, you could choose from a plethora of modern framing ideas. Vintage picture framing had more woodwork as compared to modern techniques of framing that use other materials such as glass, plastic, fibre, laminates, metal, etc apart from wood. Moreover, you can match the framing colour to your wall decor.


What you must ask your picture framing expert?

As soon as you decide to approach a picture framing Melbourne company, you must keep a list of questions ready. Ask them what material they will use for the job. Find out how they will make sure the photograph does not suffer any damage while framing and over the years. Ask for their earlier work details before you assign them your work.

Some materials cost less than others. For example, metal picture frames cost less than wooden frames. Also the time taken for your work is comparatively more if you use carved or sculpted woodwork for framing. The cost will vary depending on your choice of materialPsychology Articles, the size of the picture

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