Beginner Stock Market Investing – What You Should Know

Whether you are interested in long term investing in the stock market or shorter term stock trading, the only way to become successful is to go through a learning process.

This is one of the biggest components missing from most investors and traders, and always has been. They simply jump right in and start trading Stocks or Options with no background and without having spent any considerable time learning what goes on. This is why there is such a bad feeling whenever “stock trading” or “stock market investing” is brought up, especially in a Bear Market or Recession.

Yes, there are some who read a book or a page on a website and then get started, but that is not enough. In a raging Bull market it may be enough, as the majority of stocks will rise like a ship in the ocean with the tide rising, but as soon as the market turns, then what? Most successful stock traders and investors have read many books and in today’s times, have access to study large amounts of information on websites via the internet. Not one book and one or two web pages.

Many people get involved (jump in) when the markets are rising quickly and they hear about other people making large amounts of money. The effect of a rising market will compound the perception that it is easy to make money in the markets, not because it is, but only because the market happens to be rising. This is similar to someone who makes their first trade and it ends up being profitable. That person now thinks it is easy and they are successful. This is far from the truth.

People overlook the reality of what is actually going on and zero in their attention on the possible profits that can be made (greed). Not only that, this is also the time when you will see other people and businesses publicly announcing their incredible track record of profits to draw in potential customers.

We spend so much time in school, from primary education through High School and into College to learn about possible career choices, yet when it comes to stock investing and stock trading, there is a misconception that anyone can do it.

Take the time to learn as much as you can to build a good foundation before getting involved in this field. Just like when you go to College and take general classes to build a foundation before taking classes that specialize on one area, stock trading and investing should be no different.

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