8 Ways to Prettify Bathroom Without Repacking

Tired of your current bathroom style? You might thinks you’re not being able to design the bathroom that you dream of as you are renter or can’t afford to renovation fee. Today, we give you the doable ideas which can help you to beautify your bathroom without any remodeling;

1. Create a Simple Powder Room (at least for your own good)

Create a Simple Powder Room

Using a removable wallpaper can make a glam new look of a room. You may consider to get a new drawer knobs and a good design tap which can beautified your builder grade vanity.

2. Unique Flooring (you may choose the flooring that you most prefer)

If you are renter, it is advisable to choose the removable tiles as it easily to take off by using heat from a hair dryer or whatever. Besides, 2 contrasting style of peel and stick flooring is also a best idea to create one-of-a kind look.

3. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror (make it special)

If your bathroom had a flat unframed mirror, you can decorate the mirror by adding the peel and stick frame. The removable frame isn’t expensive stuff, so you can choose the design that you prefer to refresh your bathroom with a better look.

4. Update Your Flush Lever

Even a small area can make your bathroom look more beauty. There is a variety of flush levers on the market today, so discover a stylish one that match the style of your bathroom. Alternately, you can DIY a unique lever for yourself by paint it in different colors an patterns.

5. Update The Lighting

Replace the modern LED with existing old lighting. It is not only can give your bathroom a stylish look, but also the warm glow it emits will make your reflection prettier.

6. Dress Up the Water Pipe

Water pipe is always ruin a bathroom look. If you live in an old building, the more chances that the old style water pipe appear in your bathroom. So, what you gonna do? Well, we share you an idea that you can just buy a thin rope or string to wrapping on it. Simple right?

7. Update the Shower Floor

If your shower floor has yellow and black color stains, hide it with teak wooden bath mat and it is naturally waterproof. You can buy one on the market and cut it to fit into your shower floor. Isn’t it had upgrade the look of your bathroom? Do note that you still need to clean the shower floor and teak mat.

8. Get A Shower Curtain

We all know that a good-looking shower curtain can brighten insipid bathroom. Besides, it can use to hide an old shower stall as well. By installing the shower curtain, you just need to prepare a tension shower curtain rod which no need screws to install.


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