6 Amenities Can Drive Capital Growth

There is no doubt that certain amenities can make an area a more desirable place to live. However, not all the amenities will drive demand and boost property values and even drag the prices down.

If you are a first time investor, this article that you should not missed as we will show you the top 6 amenities that can drive capital growth of a property.

Transport links

1. Transport links

You can’t underestimate the importance of good transport links since they can take you to whatever amenity you need. We usually travel to work five out of the seven days in a week. But we might only shop once or twice a week. So you could say that proximity to work, or to the transport mode that gets us to work, has an importance factor of five out of seven.

2. Good schools

For families, proximity to good schools is a top priority. The kids may make their own way to school or may need to be dropped off. But again, this is a five days a week event so it’s also very important.

Childcare centres

3. Childcare centres

Young families may not be the biggest demographic, but they do drive demand. So child care centres are important. If the buyers who are pushing values are buying family homes, you need to consider the availability of childcare, education and family-related offerings.

4. Hospitals

Although hospitals are infrequently visited, people feel safer having one nearby. But the real benefit of having a hospital in the area is the pool of tenants and economic activity it creates.

Parking lots

5. Parking lots

Parking is especially important in denser areas, particularly neighbourhoods close to other transport links like train stations or close to shops.

6. Good bars and  food

Whether you’re a foodie or not, if the ‘foodie’ demographic are attracted to an area, they will bring their money along with them. Young professionals with a focus on lifestyle spending represent a boon for a popular or gentrifying area. Even as tenants, they push up rents and make investing in the area appealing for investors.

With the little help from this article, you can easily understand what are the places you should target at. To find out more guidelines on property investment, visit WMA Property Blog right now!

Source: WMA Property