5 Golden Rules of Successful Property PR

Successful Property PR – 5 Golden Rules

If you are a property professional and want your company or indeed product to be heard then follow these 5 golden rules of successful property PR:

1. What’s the news? – With new developments coming to market almost daily and thousands of resale properties available, it’s important to identity what is unique and interesting about your product. Think about what would make a newsworthy press release, what would grab your attention? A hot new location maybe, an innovative use of technology, a celebrity buyer or unusual design feature. Simply announcing the launch of a new development or a price reduction does not secure column inches.

2. Get snappy – The old adage ‘a picture says 1000 words’ rings true with the media often giving preference to property stories with high quality accompanying images. For print media, take high resolution, minimum 1MB jpeg images, for online media then low resolution, 72 dpi is acceptable. Remember to take internal and external images and always label the files clearly.

3. Get on the case – There’s nothing more fascinating that reading about other people and so having a case study, a previous happy buyer, can turn a 100 word mention into a 2 page feature. Ensure you have the case study’s full consent to be featured in the media before approaching any journalists with their story.

4. Become a detective – Thousands of magazines, newspapers, TV programmes, portals, blogs and social networking sites exist dedicated to property so tracking down the right journalist to speak to can seem daunting. The best approach is to identify the key media, the newspapers and magazines you read regularly and websites you visit for property news. The editorial contact details can usually be found, if not then a little detective work via phone, email and even Google will usually deliver results.

5. Get online – The property industry as a whole has been slow to embrace online PR but with 92% of journalists going online daily for article research (Middleberg/Ross Survey of Media in the Wire World) it can no longer be avoided. Ensuring that any materials released to the media are keyword friendly with links to your website is a must as well as communicating with clients through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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