3 Ways to Make Money Through Low Risk Investments

Most people find “investing” to be quite scary, particularly if you do not have sufficient money to spare at the end of each month. As we’re all aware, all types of investments carry an element of risk. As such, it’s wise to seek out those opportunities that will cut down your risk while gaining reasonable profits.

Types of investments you may consider:

1. Bonds. Investing in bonds is generally safer than investing in stocks. This is because stock investment does not come with a guaranteed ROI, whereas a bond is something like a loan and has a promised ROI, plus interest.

– There is a distinction between guaranteed and secure. In fact, there isn’t an investment that’s secured. However, with bonds, you know what you will be getting at the tip of the day. seek out investments in a company with tested record as it’s less likely to travel bankrupt.

– Bonds are normally paid back to you by year-end. nevertheless, the terms will vary for one agreement to another.

– The bigger the bond, the bigger the profit. But bearing in mind, you will be making more money on a better interest bond. So, it’d be higher for you to invest your money in one high interest bond instead of two or more, lower interest bonds.

2. Stocks. As mentioned above, there’s an element of risk once investing in all types of investments, but for stocks, the ROI are higher. Of course, you’ll be able to cut down your risks by investing in safer or defensive stocks.

– Companies like Kentucky fried Chicken (KFC), The Procter & Gamble Company (P & G), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Wal-Mart Stores inc. (WMT) are among the safer picks within the stock exchange. These companies also place higher value on their shareholders’ positive return of dividends.

– Investing in defensive stocks that are reliable and have proven record of their sustainability and profitableness, offers some security that you just would not get when investing in the newer and lesser-known companies, which may wind up at any time.

– Bear in mind, there are no 100 per cent safe picks once investing in stocks, however you’ll be able to lower your risk by going for stocks of a time-tested and profitable company. Alternatively, you’ll be able to spread out your risk by investing your cash in profitable and time-tested mutual funds wherever your ROI are supported a part of an entire portfolio of stocks.

– Stocks will be a better decide for your long investment plans. If you are an investor who cannot afford to take higher risk, select a long-standing profitable company to place your investment.

3. Multi-family dwelling property. The correct time to invest in a multi-family dwelling property are throughout a housing meltdown. you may then find many multi-family dwelling properties going at below market costs.

– A multi-family dwelling property is a more secure investment than a single-family one for the simple reason that it will house more tenants. Therefore, if one tenant chooses to vacate at the end of their agreement, you’ll still have other tenants being housed in other units that are still giving you monthly income.

Coming up with an investment portfolio needs patience and a sincere analysis of the best level of risk you can tolerate. finance in properties is increasing in popularity in recent years. Having a totally occupied multi-family dwelling property guarantees a monthly positive return even if you need to allow for maintenance and different charges from time to time.

Bonds are safer form of investment, however the return is by far, the lowest. However, you can still realize bound bonds within the market that offer higher interest rates. Tho’ stocks give you a better come back but you are exposed to higher risk and what is more, the return is not guaranteed.

A wise investment practice is to spread your risks and returns through a few investment portfolios, wherever you have a couple of with lower risk and the rest with moderate risk. you must only partake in high risk investments provided you’ve a high risk tolerance! By active this strategy, you must enjoy consistent and positive returns throughout the years.

Source: ezinearticles

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