10 Home Renovations That Offer the Best Return on Investment

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wealth conference 2016

Kitchen Rules

Most people spend time in the kitchen and it is a focal area that a homebuyer will be looking at. During an open house, most buyers make a beeline for the cooking space. You need to have nice stainless steel appliances, modern cabinetry, energy efficient appliances and smart kitchen tops to win a bargaining hand during negotiations.



When an investor comes to your home, they will instantly look at the floor and if it is chipped and faded you will not get a good deal. There are myriad flooring options to choose from, but always stay away from the cheap laminate products because keen buyers will smell this out. Real-wood floors are big winners but you can also go for high quality engineered products.



This is a no-brainer for every homeowner; people love to spend a relaxing moment in their baths and no one wants to immediately start refurbishing after moving in. Consider lighting, marble tops, custom showers, décor and the floors to spruce up the room.


Attic Bedrooms

If you have this space at your home, make sure you spruce it because NAR® reckons you will recoup 72% on the project costs.


Wall Siding

For older homes, this is one of the most suave remodeling projects for a home resale. There are myriad wall siding products to choose from including vinyl, fiber-cement and wood among others.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

The modern real estate investor is very conscious and if you have invested in green living solutions such as these they will be ready to deal. They know there are savings to enjoy and many more benefits when they buy.

Deck and Patios Additions

Remodeling magazine reports that these additions can easily recoup 72% on investment, which is a big win for you. They give your home a touch of grandeur that buyers crave.

HVAC Replacement

This is a unique way of priming your property for a quick resale and high ROI. You will not only be looking at rebates, but also energy savings after the project.



You don’t have to flood your home with new lights but creative lighting including sun room additions, recessed kitchen lights and dimmer switches will make your indoor quite arresting.

Basement Remodel

This neglected space can be turned into an alluring space through simple waterproofing and planning techniques. If buyers realize they have one more finished room with an egress window for natural light, you can bet you will get good ROI on your renovation.

Source: articles.org

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