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√ You truly have the desire to become financially free through property investment.
√ You had enough of “Get Rich Quick” scam, and now you want the REAL opportunity for financial freedom.
√ You are running behind your schedule need to speed up generating money from your current property investments.
√ You want an exit strategy from your “Costly Debt Trap”

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dear-investors 2I want to share with you a chance to transform your life. I am saying this because I have provided the same opportunity to transform thousands of my Investment graduates’ lives. I want to do the same to help you too. I’ve been in property investment for more than 20 years now and have witnessed 3 cycles of financial crisis in Malaysia. TRUST ME, I have been through the worst like many have encountered too! Yet, I was continuing to buy properties during the bad time and still buying today despite the market uncertainties. This is because I have my own secret formula to succeed. Come to my event and I would like to share with you my secret: How you will Never Work Again within the next 5 years by acquiring more than 3 millions worth of properties”. These methods work fast and are super easy to implement no matter you are a newbie or already a property investor. If you are committed in succeeding in property investment as much as I am, you can’t delay in meeting me personally as soon as possible!


milan-doshi-profileMr. Milan Doshi a Certified Financial Planner; Best Selling Author and the founder of Malaysia’s FIRST and BIGGEST Financial Program on Personal Money Management, Property and Stock Market Investment since 1998. He has helped thousands discover their Unique Investment Profiles and Make Money through Smart Asset Allocation and Investment Strategies. A seasoned speaker and expert on investing with over 25 years of both good and bad experiences, Milan will completely change your Mindset towards Money and Investments.

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1) Having the wait and see attitude: You just want to wait and see what is going to take place and decide later. However due to this attitude, you have already missed a lot of wonderful opportunities and you will continue to lose more if you are not taking action now!

2) Getting the wrong advise that will destroy your financial future: Many people are receiving “one size fits all” advise from the sales person and end up in negative cash flow. What you need to know is- not all advises are right. Be wise in choosing the right advisor to guide you on your financial planning.

Milan Doshi, the Property Guru who has all the knowledge and experience in property investment is willing to share his proven strategies and secrets to you

√ How different your property profile would be today?
√ How much money you would have saved from making costly mistake?
√ How much time you would have saved to achieve your investment goal?
√ How simple would it be to achieve your financial freedom?

Here is just some of what you’ll discover during the event:

  • The 6 Golden Principles to kick-start your property investment.
  • How to retire young and rich with RM3 millions worth of properties
  • How to become a wise investor and to avoid mistakes when you invest
  • Dealing with bankers, property negotiators, sellers and tenants like a seasoned pro…and understand the legal and tax issues in property investments.
  • How to pick the best financing package suited to your unique investment profile.
  • Discover the characteristics of outstanding property investors and master the proven investment strategies of property millionaires.

This is probably the most powerful and comprehensive 3 hours seminars available in Malaysia. Milan has the first-hand knowledge and strategies in property investment and all the trick and traits to become the next property millionaire! We would like to bring this offer to you at a very minimum price.


Super worth it right? If this is something that you have been looking for a long time, you got to take action now! Don’t miss another opportunity to become the next property millionaire!! Secure my seat

Street-Smart Strategies

Learning from Milan Doshi is a MUST for all Property Investors -  both Young and Seasoned. In 3 short days, Milan Raised my understanding of Real Estate Investments to a Whole New Level using Simple, Practical and Street-Smart Strategies! Milan's Holistic Investment Program is one of the few events I would personnally recommend to my family and friends.

Ken Tsurumaru, Co-Founder, Catcha Group & Former CEO, Group

Invest RM68 to get 2 Complimentary Property Intensive Tickets (worth RM388/each) + 1 DVD (worth RM69.90) for FREE!

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